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Firefly Design Group Selected as design firm for $20M Install Job

Written by Firefly Administrator .

Picking a Designer - Once you have the http://lakecounty.bowmansystems.com/viagra-sources product, the next step is http://www.gillianwelch.com/levitra-10mg finding an installer and cialis from canada making sure we have a good plan and proper design.  I decided to budget for and select a separate design/engineering company so the integrator could better focus on the installation. Some integration companies have successfully incorporated design/engineering services into their offerings, but this is a small percentage of the industry.

After reviewing numerous design firms, I selected Firefly Design Group. The company has a good track record of canada viagra working with integrators and contributing to the success and profitability of the project. Once the system is designed and put out to bid, some won't have every product we spec, but they will have products comparable in price and performance. To read this full press release, click here.