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Course 11: Hiding Technology

Home electronics should integrate seamlessly into a home’s design and nctadrc.org décor. This course reviews the three-pronged approach to www.dsoba.com hiding technology—advance planning, design philosophy, and product selection—which are available for minimizing the generic online viagra'>generic online viagra visual impact of electronics without compromising performance. Specific challenges and recommendations related to hiding video displays, projectors, speakers, controls, cameras, and equipment racks—among others—will be addressed. This course speaks to innovative and creative ways to lessen the visual impact of electronics by making them low-profile, hidden or camouflaged, or even invisible! Attendees will also walk away with an understanding of cialis cost how to properly engage a trained Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC) in their next project.

Learning objectives of this course:

graphic_icon_checkmark3 Discuss the roles, responsibilities and functions of an Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC)
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Identify different types of residential systems
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Explain the importance of engaging an ESC early in the design and build process
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Discuss how advanced planning, design philosophy, and product selection affect your project
graphic_icon_checkmark3 List a variety of methods and strategies for hiding technology
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Define the value of identifying and working with an ESC