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Course 6: Understanding the Need for Home Technology

Participants will walk away from this course with a comprehensive overview of current home technologies available in today’s connected homes. The in-depth discussion will focus on wired vs. wireless, integrated systems—what they are and http://uwcf.bowmansystems.com/online-cheap-levitra how they work—and engaging a trained, certified professional Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC). This overview will also help attendees plan for proper wiring infrastructure and other profitable electronic systems that today’s savvy clients are looking for, dispel common misperceptions regarding home technology, and assist them in navigating the cheapest viagra uk technologies market by providing a list of “do’s and don’ts”.

Learning objectives of this course:

graphic_icon_checkmark3 Explain current home electronic technologies
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Describe why wiring is so important
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Describe the differences between wired vs. wireless and wiring with an Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC)
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Recognize bidding and design center issues
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Differentiate between the do's and don'ts related to home technology and partnering with an ESC
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Define the value of just try! chewable cialis identifying and working with an ESC