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Course 4: Home Theater Design and www.prediggo.com Construction

What is a home theater? This may sound like a simple question, but is it? Participants in this course will come away with a very distinct definition of what a home theater is—and what it isn’t! Discussions will also include basic acoustical physics, common mistakes in design and construction, “points to remember” to achieve a solid, repeatable process, and spatial and usage considerations. This course will provide guidance related to what goes in the room—from equipment, to wall treatments, to lights—and how to only now viagra on-line analyze common problems associated with home theater design and construction. Additionally, attendees will learn how, when, and why to engage a trained Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC) early in the design and build process.

Learning objectives of this course:

graphic_icon_checkmark3 Define home theater
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Identify common mistakes in the design and construction of home theaters
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Assemble "points to remember"
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Identify usage and spatial considerations and parameters
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Identify specific home theater design considerations and related elements
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Analyze design problems related to home theaters
graphic_icon_checkmark3 Define the cialis 20 mg value of identifying and working with an Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC)