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Media Library: Firefly Company Info

Firefly Design Group provides Sales and best cialis price'>best cialis price Construction Phase services to cialis india pharmacy electronic system contractors located around the world. The following three videos show Ron Callis, President of Firefly Design Group explaining in detail how they work with ESC’s and help them run more profitable businesses.

thumb video fdg company overview

 Company Overview

thumb video fdg sales phase services

 Sales Phase

thumb video fdg construction phase

 Construction Phase Services

Media Library: Miam Beach Dream Home

Designing and installing a state-of-the-art integrated system in a custom home is a complex and often misunderstood journey, for the homeowner, builder, architect, subcontractors, other trades and even the cialis delivered overnight custom installer. Bridging this gap of understanding is the first step along the path towards the new era of integration.
Firefly Design Group invites you to join us on a long journey as we chronicle a modern home project in a series of articles and videos entitled "Behind the Scenes: Building a Miami Beach Dream Home." The project will include the ultimate in blending of lifestyle-enhancing electronics with the cutting edge in energy efficiency, entertainment and security systems. This two-year odyssey will profile a 5,500-square-foot, green, state-of-the-art home, its owners, and a building team as they research, evaluate and tie together various residential technologies and click here buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets bring the www.foodpr0n.com client’s vision to a successful reality. This project is http://www.laboticadelosperfumes.com/online-order-levitra not bound by budget alone but by the value the installed technology will provide the homeowner and his family. The decisions to include technology and at what level will be made based on fulfilling the homeowner’s vision and meeting the goal of viagra online at a high-tech LEED-certified home. The house itself is in the design phase, with construction set to begin in June 2011, kicked off by tearing down of an existing home on the www.wildstrawberrylodge.com project site. Throughout the journey, interviews, photos and videos will be posted with the homeowner, architect, LEED consultant, custom installer, system designer and many others. The series of articles will examine every phase of the project, including the homeowner’s motivation, technology analysis, final product selection, installation and coordination process. The challenges faced by the team and canadian levitra and healthcare'>canadian levitra and healthcare conflicts overcome will be transparently presented for our followers. Our media partners for this project include:    CE Pro (http://www.cepro.com), Electronic House (http://www.electronichouse.com), Connected Home (http://trade.connectedhometechnology.com)

thumb video mbdh part1

 Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 1

thumb video mbdh2 e2

 Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 2

thumb video mbdh2 e3

 Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 3

thumb video mbdh2 e4

 Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 4

thumb video mbdh2 e5

 Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 5

thumb video mbdh2 e6

Miami Beach Dream Home: Edition 6

Media Library: New American Home

CEDIA & HTA follow the progress of the 2011 New American Home as it relates to the collaboration of CEDIA members, Architectural Electronics and Firefly Design Group and the design and build partners involved. Firefly Design Group plans has been invited to participate in the filming and production of six videos in total. The outline is as follows:

Phase 1 – Discovery and Design
Video 1 : Meet the www.foodpr0n.com team and introduction of project. CEDIA member as the go to 50mg cialis retail price professional.
Video 2  : Review discovery and design process.

Phase 2 – Construction
Video 3 : Review low voltage system construction documentation and krystalcollection.com Rough-In phase.
Video 4 : Review Trim and Final phases.

Phase 3 – Commissioning and Final Results
Video 5: System programming and user experience discussion.
Video 6:  Review final system and homeowner and design team feedback.

 thumb video nah part1

Firefly Design Group & CEDIA - Video 1